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The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization for women and men which encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. The League works at various levels, paralleling the levels of government. Members of the local organization are also members of state and of the national league  LWVUS.


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Contact Information:
LWVIA President
Bonnie Pitz
(641) 792-6123

Administrative Assistant
Karen Person
(515) 255-8304

Save the Date:
LWVIA Lobby Day
February 25, 2015

Restoring Your Right To Vote

ACLU of Iowa has recently updated their flyer for those convicted of a felony or aggravated assault and who would like to restore their voting rights. Click the following link to reach the site:
Regaining Your Right to Vote
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David Osterberg's Presentation on Iowa Water Quality given at LWVIA Council 2014 in Coralville, Iowa on May 17, 2014.  Click HERE to view.
Credit to Robin Kash-Editor & Producer


Fire-EMS State Study

LWVIA Convention 2013 adopted Fire-EMS to pursue as a State Study.  It will take some time to organize the committee working on this study and time to make information available to Local Leagues about their part in the study.  Another study from National will also be pursued during this coming  year.  The National Study will be an update of the LWVUS position on Agriculture, including study of genetically modified produce.  We will be sending Local Leagues specifics on this study as the material becomes available. If you wish to join the planning of the Fire-EMS study, please contact  Mike Coveyou, (515) 314-3730(515) 314-3730 or Please click here to view the Fire-EMS Study.

Branstad's Water Quality Veto was Disappointing

The League of Women Voters of Iowa adopted Water Quality Improvement as a priority for the 2014 Legislative Session.  While Voting Issues are always a top priority for League, members felt water quality was a statewide issue that needed to be addressed.  League members wrote letters, made phone calls and spent days at the Capitol sharing their concerns about Iowa's precious resources and especially water quality.  We were so pleased that bipartisan hard work at the Capitol resulted in REAP (Resource Enhancement and Protection) funding of 25 million to commemorate the 25 years has been in existence.  It was a real surprise and disappointment to see that on May 30, 2014, Governor Branstad chose to use the line item veto to slash the REAP program by a third to $16 million.  He completely vetoed the rest of the proposed appropriations, amounting to a cut of $11.2 million in money for water quality and conservation programs under the Department of Agriculture.  Iowa was prepared to make serious improvements in water quality but will now be stalled.  The League works for all Iowans to make water quality improvement a reality and calls for support of environmental organizations to make it happen.
Bonnie Pitz, President, League of Women Voters of Iowa


LWVIA Legislative Priorities & Forum Questions:

 The League of Women Voters of Iowa continues to make voting rights our top legislative priority this year.  Other issues include water quality, justice reforms, democracy, violence against women, universal preschool, and health care.  Click here to see: 

Local leagues should feel free to focus on those issues most important to your local members.  Upon completion of your forum, we ask that you submit your answers electronically using our online interview response form at:

As you attend legislative forums or meet with your state legislators, do use the form linked here to help you form your questions: 
2015 Legislative Forum Questions

For a complete set of all handouts from the 2014 LWVIA Issues Briefing on September 20 contact LWVIA administrative assistant, Karen Person,, or call #515-255-8304.

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 The League of Women Voters of Iowa proudly presents the General Election Voters’ Guide to Statewide Offices featuring questions and answers from numerous candidates of all political parties for the general election.  The Guide is now available on the and the League’s website - click on the image above & left.

The candidates for U.S. Senate, Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor and Secretary of Agriculture gave background information, contact information and described their first priority, second priority and third priority.

Voters can use the guide to read about each candidate and contrast responses by comparing responses in a side by side format.

“We hope voters across Iowa will use this Voter’s Guide to help make informed choices as they go to the polls on November 4,” said Terese Grant, LWVIA Board member. “We are pleased to be able to provide this information and thank all the candidates for their willingness to participate in the guide,” stated Bonnie Pitz, President of the League of Women Voters of Iowa.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization which encourages informed and active participation in government and works to increase understanding of major public policy issues.

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Next LWVIA Board Meeting:

November 15, 2014, 10:00 am
Conference Room, Outreach, Inc.
7401 South Hwy 69, Des Moines, IA 50258 

Directions if coming from north, east or west on I-80 or I-35: Take I-235 into Des Moines; take the East 14th Street Exit (Hiway 69); go south 5.5 miles on E 14th St; when you get to Army Post Road, you are 3/4 mile away; turn left at the Unity Point Health Clinic entrance; instead of turning right into the Unity Point parking lot, turn left and follow the road up to a warehouse building; the Outreach building is buttery yellow with brown and burnt orange trim.  Go to the entrance on the left side of the building.
Directions if coming from the South: Go north on Hiway 69; pass Hiway 65 and pass the next intersection with a stop light; turn right into the Unity Point Health Clinic entrance; instead of turning right into the Unity Point parking lot, turn left and follow the road up to the Outreach, Inc. building, a warehouse that is buttery yellow with brown and burnt orange trim.  Go to the entrance on the left side of the building.

All League members are welcomed at Board Meetings!

Call Bonnie, #(641) 792-6123, if you have questions or would like a copy of the agenda.

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Take Action: Tell Congress to Fix the Voting Rights Act.
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Concerns about Photo Voter ID In Iowa

Voter ID is expensive, unnecessary and disenfranchises citizens......
In a League of Women Voters survey of Iowa County Auditiors, there were no incidences of voter problems that would have been prevented or resolved by a photo ID.  National surveys show the same result.  There simply is no problem that Photo ID will address.

Voter ID creates unnecessary barriers to voting......
Think about thos you know who do not have a driver's license, your neightbor who is disabled, family members in care centers, friends who do not drive, students wo do not have a driver's license in this state.  LWVUS research shows that 3.2 million voter (11% of voters in Voter ID states) have been affected by Voter ID laws.

Free photo Voter IDs are not really free......
The estimated cost to implement Photo ID in Iowa would be $1,700,000.  Where would the money come from?  Roads, Education Additional Taxes?  Other costs would invlude lost work time, transportation costs, costs of obtaining supporting documents.  Bithe cerfificates can be provided at no charge, but what about persons moving here from other states or elderly citizens who were born at home?  Delays in arranging for ID will certainly leave some voters out of elections.
  1. Photo Voter ID puts barriers between citizens and their right to vote.
  2. Photo Voter ID is expensive--wasting Iowa dollars.

If your local league would like to request a speaker to talk about Voter ID  contact Myrna Loehrlein  at


Legislative Advocay 

LWVIA Lobbyist
Contact Information

Amy Campbell
PO Box 1403
Johnston, Iowa 50131
515-554-5838 (Cell)

Craig Patterson
PO Box 1403
Johnston, Iowa 50131
515-554-7920 (cell)

The LWVIA Bill Tracker is at 
http://. . . /CPCBillTracker . . .

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