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The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization for women and men which encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. The League works at various levels, paralleling the levels of government. Members of the local organization are also members of state and of the national league  LWVUS.


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Contact Information
LWVIA President
Bonnie Pitz
641 792-6123

Restoring Your Right To Vote

ACLU of Iowa has recently updated their flyer for those convicted of a felony or aggravated assault and who would like to restore their voting rights. Click the following link to reach the site:
Regaining Your Right to Vote


Fire-EMS State Study & Ag LWVUS Study
LWVIA Convention 2013 adopted Fire-EMS to pursue as a State Study. 
It will take some time to organize the committee working on this study and time to make information available to Local Leagues about their part in the study.  Another study from National will also be pursued during this coming 
year.  The National Study will be an update of the LWVUS position on Agriculture, including study of genetically modified produce.  We will be sending Local Leagues specifics on this study as the material becomes available.

If you wish to join the planning of the Fire-EMS study, please contact

 Mike Coveyou, (515) 314-3730 or

Please click here to view the Fire-EMS Study.

Click Here for LWVUS Agricluture Study Update

The Agriculture Update will focus narrowly on: 1) current technology issues in agriculture including genetically modified organisms (GMOs), herbicides, pesticides, agriculture water pollution, aquifer depletion, antibiotics in livestock, and accurate food labeling; and 2) current agriculture finance issues including consolidation in agriculture industries, crop subsidies and the federal agricultural regulatory process.



LWVIA Council 2014
May 17, 2014
Coralville Public Library
1401 5th Street, Coralville, Iowa

9:30 Registration
10:00 Welcome
Amy Campbell-LWVIA Lobbyist-Legislative Update
David Osterberg-Environmental Specialist
Lunch with Johnson County League
Local League Presidents Discussion
Business Meeting
League Awards

Cost $10
Register with:  Melissa at

Hotel accommodations can be found at Sleep Inn Suites,
May 17th is University of Iowa Graduation-so hotels fill quickly!
League members may also stay with Johnson County League members.  Please contact:

Take Action: Tell Congress to Fix the Voting Rights Act.
Check out this link

Concerns about Photo Voter ID In Iowa

Voter ID is expensive, unnecessary and disenfranchises citizens......
In a League of Women Voters survey of Iowa County Auditiors, there were no incidences of voter problems that would have been prevented or resolved by a photo ID.  National surveys show the same result.  There simply is no problem that Photo ID will address.

Voter ID creates unnecessary barriers to voting......
Think about thos you know who do not have a driver's license, your neightbor who is disabled, family members in care centers, friends who do not drive, students wo do not have a driver's license in this state.  LWVUS research shows that 3.2 million voter (11% of voters in Voter ID states) have been affected by Voter ID laws.

Free photo Voter IDs are not really free......
The estimated cost to implement Photo ID in Iowa would be $1,700,000.  Where would the money come from?  Roads, Education Additional Taxes?  Other costs would invlude lost work time, transportation costs, costs of obtaining supporting documents.  Bithe cerfificates can be provided at no charge, but what about persons moving here from other states or elderly citizens who were born at home?  Delays in arranging for ID will certainly leave some voters out of elections.
  1. Photo Voter ID puts barriers between citizens and their right to vote.
  2. Photo Voter ID is expensive--wasting Iowa dollars.

If your local league would like to request a speaker to talk about Voter ID  contact Myrna Loehrlein  at

 will allow you to go directly to polling place lookup and relevant election laws by state.
The LWVIA is pursuing an online Voter Guide with the help of LWVUS.  We expect to have that up and running by late June after the primaries in Iowa.  The Voter Guide will include the candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and the US Senate.  Local Leagues will be sponsoring the VOTE411 information for House of Representatives, Districts One through Four.


LWVIA Lobbyist
Contact Information

Amy Campbell
PO Box 1403
Johnston, Iowa 50131
515-554-5838 (Cell)

Craig Patterson
PO Box 1403
Johnston, Iowa 50131
515-554-7920 (cell)

Their Website is
The LWVIA Bill Tracker is at 
http://. . . /CPCBillTracker . . .

Questions for Legislators


The League of Women Voters of Iowa chose to make only one issue a top priority this year.  Appropriate for an election year following the US Supreme Court's rejection of a major civil rights decision, voting rights will be the League's top priority as we begin the 2014 legislative session and move into the 2014 mid-term elections.  All other issues are not in any order or priority, but nearly all have been long standing priorities integral to our core mission.  Local leagues should feel free to focus on those issues most important to your local members.  Upon completion of your forum, we ask that you submit your answers electronically using our online interview response form at:

As you attend legislative forums or meet with your state legislators, do use the form linked here to help you form your questions:
2014 Legislative Forum Questions

For a comprehensive listing of all the resources that were available in the 2013 Issues Briefing Packet, go to the Publications page here.
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