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Meetings to be held by the LWVIA

There shall be at least four regular meetings of the Board of directors annually. The president or co-presidents shall notify each member of the board of directors of all regular meetings. 

In odd-numbers of years the LWVIA holds a biennial Convention of the LWVIA at a time and place to be determined by the board of directors. The president or co-presidents shall send a first call for the convention to the presidents of the local Leagues and member-at-large units and to all other members-at-large not less than twelve weeks prior to the opening date.
During Convention we offer guest speakers, instructive workshops, caucus discussions of hot topics, and networking opportunities for everyone. Convention allows you to see how our hands-on work leads to real change in our organization, and in our state.

A meeting of the LWVIA council shall be held in the interim year between conventions, approximately twelve months after the preceding convention. The council shall be composed of two delegates from each local League and the board of directors of the LWVIA.