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Council 2012



LWVIA Council



LWVIA Council was held on June 2, 2012 in Newton, Iowa at the DMACC Convention Center.  Welcoming remarks were given by Jane Odland, Jasper County LWV President. Jane emphasized the value and importance of communication in League.  The business meeting was handled by Deborah Turner, Acting President, because of Myrna Loehrlien’s recent resignation.  President Turner introduced the State Board and past President Jan Beran.  The agenda was adopted as printed.  Jan Beran agreed to act as Parliamentarian.  The rules were adopted.  Marge Graves of Jasper County League gave the Credentials Report, 39 members attending and 22 delegates.  The minutes of the 2011 Convention were reviewed with a couple of changes to name spelling. The auditors of the Council minutes were Mary Richards and Marcia Thompson, both of the Ames League. 


President Turner gave some of the highlights of the last year for our Iowa League.  Many of the accomplishments were the result of the hard work and persistence of Myrna Loerlein.  The State League now has an administrative assistant, Melissa Cahalan who can be reached at  Her work is to keep administrative details organized, keep the website updated, and make use of face book.  The other great accomplishment was to get MLD (Membership, Leadership, Development) started.  Myrna persisted with National to get Iowa included in this valuable training.  This last year the State Board made Scholarships available to local leagues to cover the cost of  one registration for the National Convention for each league in Iowa.  Karen Shimp gave the Treasure’s Report, it was accepted as presented.  Peg  Lazio presented the Budget Report for the Budget Committee of Pat Harper, Bonnie Pitz and Karen Shimp and Peg.  Jean Dell gave the Nominations report for the committee of Lauris Olson, Deborah Turner and Jean.  Nomination slate was accepted as presented:

President-Bonnie Pitz

Vice- President - Deborah Turner

Treasurer--Not Filled

New Directors--Mary Rae Bragg, Lauris Olson, Fran Henderson, Diane Bystrom


Bonnie Pitz read over the accomplishments of Johnson County for the Recognition Award.  Johnson County had a special project called “The United States Constitution & the Supreme Court: Their impact on your daily life- A Series of Community Conversations sponsored the League of Women Voters of Johnson County Education Fund.”  The Co-Chairs, Dawn Suter and Rebecca Reiter and the Local League President Polly Horton were all awarded LWV lapel pins from the State League to recognize their efforts.  The pins were accepted by delegates from Johnson County, Naomi Novick and Carol Spaziani.


Amy Campbell, LWVIA lobbyist gave an overview of the last legislative session.  Lunch was served by Okaboji Grill in Newton. 


In the afternoon session Jan Beran, Ames League, gave an overview of MLD, Membership, Leadership, Development.  A short skit was included.  Susan Cory from Muscatine League, also had training in MLD in Houston Texas in April and she presented “The Best Practices of MLD.”   Karen Shimp gave a presentation on the “Procedures for Membership” using the National Website and specifics for Treasurers.


Jo Ann Finkenbinder and Karen Person gave an overview of the Concurrence Resolution supporting the DC Position on Sentencing.  This will be presented at the National Convention, June 8-12, 2012 in Washington DC.


Linda Murken closed the day with discussion of suggestions for the board which included improvements to the use of the League website and using modern media in general.


The meeting adjourned at 3:00.

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