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In 2020, LWVIA is commemorating 100 years of women having the vote and the founding of League of Women Voters!  Click HERE to find out about events or to submit an event for inclusion in the calendar of the Nineteenth Amendment Centennial Commemoration Project.                                                             

"See Yourself Here" Seminar



The Iowa legislature has suspended this legislative session for a minimum of 30 days due to coronavirus. League of Women Voters of Iowa is, therefore, cancelling the "See Yourself Here" seminar scheduled for April 7 & 8.

In the photo below, Johnson County LWV members meet with their legislators - Representatives Masher, Lensing, Niesen, and Jacoby - at the LWVIA Capitol Day:

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Saturday, June 6

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 Capitol Building, 1007 E Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50319

IA House Switch Board: (515) 281-3221

IA Senate Switch Board: (515) 281-3371

Campbell/Patterson League Lobbyists' Website:  Click Here

Press Release re COVID-19 &
Iowa's Criminal Justice System


League joins 25 other organizations to call for protecting public health by decreasing the number of Iowans in jails & prisons. Click HERE for full press release.

LWVIA Capitol Day

In the photo above, League members listen attentively to speakers Daniel Zeno, Policy and Advocacy Director for ACLU of Iowa, and Amy Campbell, lobbyist for League of Women Voters of Iowa, at the March 11 Capitol Day. Zeno and Campbell shared information about the legislative status of HJR14, a Constitutional Amendment that would return voting eligibility to individuals with felony convictions when they have completed parole/probation. League supports HJR14, and encourages our members to contact their legislators on support of the bill.


Zeno and Campbell also discussed SF2348 which would define HJR14 but contains "carve-outs" or certain categories of felonies that would be exempt from regaining their voting eligibility after completing parole/probation.  SF2348 also requires that restitution to victims be paid in full prior to return to voting eligibility irregardless of of parole/probation status. League opposes SF2348 as League believes:

  • that voting is a fundamental citizen right;

  • that imposition of​ full payment of restitution discriminates against the poor; and 

  • that implementation by the Secretary of State, by the county auditors, and by the clerks of court will be confusing and result in inaccurate and unreliable felon voting lists.

LWVIA appreciates all the dedicated members who lobbied at Capitol Day and also those who prefer to lobby from home.


The League of Women Voters

Our Vision: We envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate. 

Our Mission: Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.

Our Value: The League believes in the power of women to create a more perfect democracy.