LWVIA Study Positon on Fire-Emergency Medical Services Adopted at Convention:


Now In: Recommendations for LWVIA Postion on EMS:

Click HERE to see the EMS Study Committee Recommendations for LWVIA Position on EMS


At LWVIA Convention 2013, members voted to undertake a LWVIA Study on EMS, a study of the sustainability of Iowa's emergency fire & medical services delivery system.  The Fire-EMS Study Committee has been doing research and has completed a report.


Click HERE to see the LWVIA EMS in Iowa Committee Report, December, 2014


Supportive Documentation is available below:


Click HERE to see the FINAL REPORT Emergency Medical Services Study, Legislative Study Committee, January, 2014


See maps below of "Authorized Iowa EMS Agencies 2013" and "Property Tax Rates for Fire and Emergency Medical Services by Township FY2014":