Grow Me - Grow the League!

"Grow Me" is the rebranding of the MLD (Membership/Leadership Development) Program. Many of the MLD materials found on the LWVUS site are still viable.


The LWVIA Council held the summer of 2017 encouraged more dialogue between local, state, and national leagues. Hopefully, GROW ME will be easier to remember than MLD.  GROW Me really means growing in all areas; membership, leadership, focus, outreach, funding, engagement, and sustainability to be the “most effective organization on voting rights and election services. “  Thus the name:  GROW ME.


You will notice a strong emphasis on the professionally produced "Guidances" that the LWVUS produces once a month in the GROW format.  A common focus will provide a base on which league members can start a conversation.  Probing questions presented may give some thought for league evaluation. In order to avoid some of the hierarchal thinking, the name “Coach” has been changed to “Partner.”  We are all in this together, learning and encouraging each other, no matter your experience in League.  The state board representative will be there to provide information and guidance while connecting to the Local representative.  That representative will evaluate the use of that month’s guidance in their league.

As we focused on the word, “intentional,” so will we GROW.  To be intentional means being purposeful, using planning and evaluating best practices that promote action and enthusiasm.  Many of you will find the old MLD Notebook with helpful activities a positive tool.  It can be found online for your reference. 

Please join us on our monthly state conference phone calls including one local member with national Sur Fellows in discussing the month’s guidance and discussion of the month.  Usually the call is on the third Monday, 3:30 pm, calling: (712) 775-7031, and then entering the access code:  874-022-658#

GROW ME Resources:

Click to access LWVUS Guidances 

Click to access the MLD Handbook materials

GROW - Local League and State Board Member Partners


Jasper: Bonnie Pitz

Sioux City: Polly Horton

Muscatine: Linda Meloy

Ames: Nancy Halverson

Dubuque: Sue Wilson

Linn: Mary Ann Nelson

Johnson: Nancy Porter

Ottumwa: Bev Ver Steegh

Grinnell: Terese Grant

Black Hawk-Bremer: Doris Kelley

Metro Des Moines: Gaylen Wobeter


Polly Horton,, and Mary Ann Nelson,, are just an email away for League leaders interested in growing membership.