Issues Briefing


LWVIA President Mary Rae Bragg and the LWVIA Board invite you to attend:


LWVIA Issues Briefing 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

MCC-Marshalltown Community College

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10:00 am - 2:00 pm

 "It's All About th Water" 

There is no one in this state who is not going to be impacted by water quality initiatives being suggested for consideration in the 2017 Iowa Legislature. Whether it's continuing concern over contamination of our streams, rivers and lakes, the realization that a deteriorating infrastructure could mean a "Flint" nightmare in our cities or poison turning up in rural area wells, we Iowans need to get serious about water.


We believe this is a subject that Iowans want to know about in depth and what better organization to help inform them than the League of Women Voters?

We are hoping that with the information you are able to access at the Issues Briefing you will have  plenty of know-how about putting together the kind of public meetings that will inform, ignite and impress your communities as never before. Some of our locals are already beginning to draw attention to water problems, but there are so many different aspects to the matter. We want to be sure all our local Leagues are doing all they can to connect the dots and pressure the Legislature to stop kicking the (water) can down the road.  If the only thing the League of Women Voters of Iowa gets accomplished in the 2017 Legislative session is to force a serious discussion and hold lawmakers responsible for actually moving toward rebuilding infrastructure and ensuring cleaner water, we will have justified the public's faith in us. 


Encourage every member of your local who agrees we must save our water to join us on Oct. 8.


Email Sue Wilson, LWVIA Board Member

send name and Local League information to

$10 registration-pay at the door-includes lunch

Let Sue know if you have special dietary needs.