Upper Mississippi Region Inter-League Organization 

Together We Can Do More!

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League of Women Voters of Iowa is excited to join with leagues in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois to form the Upper Mississippi River Region Inter-League Organization (UMRR-ILO) to work on river/water quality issues that impact all four states. The First Annual Meeting of the LWV-Upper Mississippi River Region Inter-League Organization was held on October 24, 2015, at the Dubuque Conventiion Center.  


The Goals of the multi-state collaboration on LWV’s natural resource issues include:

• Developing educational programming to be shared among the ILO’s leagues to increase the public’s understanding of the natural resource issues in the region.

• Coordinating advocacy efforts across state lines and in numerous congressional districts to better promote the collective interests of the region before Congress and the federal agencies.

• Monitoring local, state, regional, and federal proposals that affect the interests of the region and then distributing that information and making recommendations to the appropriate state or local LWVs for action.


If your Local League would like to join the UMRR ILO, annual dues are $25. Click HERE for information.

UMRR (pronounced ‘Ummer’) is the newly formed InterLeague Organization that consists of Leagues in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa working on water quality along watersheds that feed the upper Mississippi River. Currently the following Leagues belong: 

  • 10 local Iowa LWVs

  • 22 local Illinois LWVs

  • 17 local Minnesota LWVs

  • 5 local Wisconsin LWVs


According to Gretchen Sabel, UMRR ILO president from Minnesota, “Our work here at the Ummer is swinging into gear. We have submitted our application to the LWVUS for formal recognition as an ILO.  The application is on the LWVUS Board agenda in April.  We learned just this week that we have been approved by the IRS as a 501c3 not for profit corporation.  Thanks to Ellen Rosborough for her diligent work on getting this done.”


Communications director Bonnie Cox states, “We continue to recruit local LWVs to join our ILO. Please encourage your local or neighboring LWVs to join our ILO.  It's easy.  Just call Bonnie Cox, 815 777-9282 to receive an LWV-UMRR ILO membership application form. Submit the form with your LWV's yearly $25.00 per league payment to join.”

League Members play The Watershed Game at the initial UMRR ILO meeting in October.