LWVIA Tax Increment Financing Study:

A Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Study was approved at the 2015 State Convention.  Delegates to the Iowa League of Women Voters State Convention overwhelming approved the following program study: “A Study of Tax Increment Financing in Iowa including its purpose, uses, benefits, and costs to state and local governments.”


This study was recommended by Pat Jensen on behalf of the Johnson County League. 

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March 2017, TIF Survey from LWVIA Board

March, 2017, TIF Study Committee Concurrence Statement 

March, 2017, TIF Resource Update:

To Local Leagues: Notice of Intent to Propose Concurrence at Convention

The League: TIF Facts 3

TIF Study Lesson Plan - Timeline

LWVIA TIF Study Report

Update: February, 2017, Resources for local leagues and league members from the TIF Study Committee:

Iowa Department of Revenue; Iowa Tax Increment Financing Tax Credits Program Evaluation

Legislative Service Agency Legislative Guide; Urban Renewal and Tax Increment Financing

LSA FY2015 Annual Urban Renewal Report Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Robert E. Josten, What is Tax Increment Financing?

David Swenson, Tax Increment Financing in Iowa: Background, Research, and Recommendations

Sierra Club, Iowa Chapter, A Primer on Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

LSA Fiscal Update: School Aid Funding - Impact of Tax Increment Financing

LSA Overview of School Finance in Iowa (power point)

LSA Tax Increment Finance: Important Statistics Fact Sheet

Mark Cory and Patricia J Martin, ABC's of Iowa Urban Renewal; A practical Guide for Cities and Counties

Dave Swenson, Understanding Iowa's Economic Situation (power point)


Video: Dave Swenson's LWV Lecture, "Iowa's Economy and the Economics of TIF" (49 minutes)

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Click on the readings/websites below to access other TIF documents:


Iowa Fiscal Partnership's "Tax Increment Financing: A Case Study of Johnson County" by Peter S. Fisher of the Iowa Policy Project, November, 2011


Iowa Department of Revenue's "Iowa Tax Increment Financing; Tax Credits Program Evaluation Study", December 2013


Legislative Services Agency, "Urban Renewal and Tax Increment Financing," by Susan Crowley, JD, and Michael Duster, JD, October, 2012


Power Point, "Property Tax Increment Financing," by Anthony Girardi, Tax Research & Program Analysis Section, Iowa Dept. of Revenue, December 4, 2013


Legislative Services Agency Fiscal Updates, pages 1 - 3, "School Aid Funding - Impact of Tax Increment Financing," by Shawn Snyder, August, 2014


Iowa Department of Management on Tax Increment Financing


Iowa Fiscal Partnership's website page on TIF Reports